My children have enjoyed playing Tangram ever since I first introduced them to it. Tangram is an ancient Chinese game which has provided hours of fun to many the world over. We hope you will enjoy it too.

So how does it work? Seven pieces is all you need to create hundreds of different outlines: Birds, cats, boats, people, letters…etc. Tangram is the exact opposite of jigsaw puzzles – instead of one design cut up into many pieces with only one solution; Tangram has only a few pieces which can be rearranged into a huge number of designs. In fact there are more than 1 billion combinations!

In order to Tangram successfully, you will have to follow a few simple rules. Each of your Tangrams must have all seven pieces or tans; your tans can’t overlap each other and finally your tans must form a continuous shape where every tan touches at least one other tan by the very tip of its corner.

To get you started on your exciting Tangram journey here is your starter pack.

Simply print out your Tangram set, glue it onto a card and carefully cut it into seven tan pieces. Smooth out the pieces and apply your choice of finish. My children like to add some colour or pretty floral designs to theirs. In case you would like to do the same your starter pack includes some pretty colourful sheets which also look great when printed in black and white.
And because here at IO Kids Design we love birds we are including a selection of patterns with your starter pack featuring birds off course!

And just so you always know where all your Tangram pieces are your starter pack also contains a special envelope to cut and make – you can use it to safely store your Tangram pieces away! Have fun!