Furniture care

To clean our furniture please dust it with a soft, dry cloth and if necessary use a lightly damp cloth to wipe the dirt. All spills should be wiped dry immediately. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasives as they will damage the finish. Please avoid putting any hot or damp items directly onto furniture. Although our furniture will withstand most temperatures in the home it is best to avoid placing furniture directly near heat sources such as radiators or direct fires. If moving furniture please try to lift it to protect its edges. Although all furniture edges are sealed we do not recommend outdoor use.

Please note that this information is only a general guide. For severe stains or scratches please consult an experienced trade person.

Unpacking your item

Please take care when opening the packages. Do not use a sharp knife or tool to open cartons as you risk cutting into the furniture. All staples if any should be fully removed prior to taking the item from the carton, otherwise you run the risk of scratching the piece as you remove it from the packaging.  We always recommend you assemble the product on carpet or on the product packaging to prevent scratching.


To protect the furniture and to avoid scratching we advise that you assemble it on the carpet or on product packaging. Our products arrive with easy step by step assembly instructions. No liability will be accepted for any injuries or damages caused by incorrect assembly or installation.

Note about Bunk Bed use

The IO Bunk Pod has been tested by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) and complies with applicable British and European safety standards.

Although the suitable minimum age to use a bunk bed can vary greatly depending on a child’s maturity and development, using the upper bed or a raised bed is generally not recommended for children under 6 years old.

The recommended mattress size for IO Bunk Pod is 90×190 with recommended height of mattress of 10/11 cm. Always use a recommended size mattress to help prevent the likelihood of falls.

Use of a night light will provide added safety precaution for the child using the top bunk.