Committed to environment our collection is made in Europe and was conceived with sustainable thinking applied to the designs. By working closely with our technical team we ensure the integrity of our vision down to every cut and bend. The products are tested by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) and comply with all UK and European safety regulations. Our factory combines traditional methods with modern technology with each piece being made with great care and attention to detail and precision.

Scandinavian Birch Plywood

We have chosen Scandinavian birch plywood because of its strength, warmth and durability. We always leave the edges exposed to admire and display the beautiful plywood core. Plywood is a versatile material that is easy to use in different ways such as bending and flexing. Those processes enhance the very essence of this material, bringing out its beauty, grain and texture.

High Pressure Laminate

We believe High Pressure Laminate products are beautiful, minimalist and easy to maintain. We like working with this material, as it combines a wide range of possibilities with a stylish and elegant look. The laminate layer provides extra protection making our pieces longer lasting. Together they are strong, practical and humble materials which work well together.

Our furniture is an honest and sophisticated exploration into the most effective and beautiful ways to use them.