Our Perfect Week at KidsroomZoom Milan Fuori Salone 2013!

Even with so many exciting events taking place over the course of Milan Design Week, KidsroomZoom was definitely the perfect place for us to be.  Clorofilla, the new contemporary nursery school in Via Cesare da Sesto, close to the famous gallery Spazio Rossana Orlandi and Most buzzed with activity over the course of 7 days playing host to some 30 international brands specialising in design for children.

Carefully curated by wonderful Paola Noe and Antonella Torriglia, Clorofila was transformed into a perfect space for children (and adults too!) to play, test the products and take part in the series of exciting and entertaining workshops with fun titles such as My House Becomes a Pillow, The Geography of Design and Good Dishes For Good Meals.

We had an amazing time!  And we made so many new friends! The response to our products was overwhelming too! Kids enjoyed the doodle box, jumped and climbed on the bunk pod  and pretended it was a cruise ship taking them somewhere special.

We enjoyed every minute of it! If you  made it to the show we thank you for coming and we hope you had a fantastic time too!

And here is a selection of images from this year’s KidsroomZoom taken by a wonderful photographer Sergio Magnano and featuring sweet Emilio who very quickly became our KidsroomZoom mascot.

Just looking at the photographs makes us want to be there all over again!