I think we mentioned in our original post that the IO range was something akin to having a third child. So, we’d like to share with you our happy news:



(Yes, yes, we know that birth announcements more commonly refer to a he or a she, but let’s be honest here: it’s a bed. And why would we want to alienate one whole section of its potential sleeping partners?).

Truly though, you know the hectic days that follow the arrival of a new member of the family? Feeling shattered, but trying to ensure that the house looks reasonable enough to welcome an endless flow of visitors. That is what it was like in the days following the arrival of the IO Bunk Pod – we were delighted, proud, excited and exhausted. And the visitors? Well, just as you’d hope they would with a new baby, they cooed, and admired and said, “I want one too!”

And what of the children – what did they think? After all, we all know only too well what it’s like to buy your child an adorable, quality piece of clothing, only to have them eschew it in favour of a garish, branded polyester-fest. But, they loved it – their reactions were instant and gleeful, and their comfort was obvious – they were climbing all over it in minutes. So delighted were they, in fact, that they refused to go to bed, insisting on sleeping in it that very night.

Well, it was a school night, and it was already just past their bedtime. Ordinarily, you’d have to put your foot down or deal with a late bedtime and, the next day, an overtired child, wouldn’t you? But the beauty of the IO Bunk Pod is the ease of its assembly! The IO Bunk Pod needs only a palmful of screws and is assembled in around 20 minutes. Cue blissfully slumbering – and oh so cute – children, and the chance to crack open the wine and slump on the sofa with the relief of it all.