In Our Room – The MOMA Play Town Set!

Each fortnight we showcase a product we love, something that we think would fit perfectly within our dream IO Kids’ room – alongside our IO Bunk Pod and IO Doodle Box, of course!

As huge fans of wonderfully bold and minimalist illustrations of Swedish artist Laura Ljungkvist it is no surprise that this week top on our list of things that we would like to have and play with in our IO Kids Design Room is her recent collaborative work with the New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) – ‘a Play Town’.

Designing this slot-together cityscape which can effortlessly be put together ‘the right way’ or ‘your own way’ must have been a huge fun. With Ljungkvist’s trademark use of colours and patterns the finished result is engaging, playful and visually arresting – you will not want to put these away in a box!

Each piece is printed on a heavy card which effortlessly slots together into various configurations allowing children to create their own street patterns and building blocks. Ljungkvist’s Scandinavian style is evident in each piece and the use of bold colours with her recognisable line patterns incorporated in her trademark style makes the Play Town set modern, minimalist and very stylish.

In fact one of her favourite patterns shows up on several pieces in different ways. It is the pattern of ‘orange plastic barrier mash’ that can often be seen on construction sites. Ljungkvist cleverly scanned the real piece into her computer and introduced it in her own original style in the design of the ‘Play Town’.

Clearly rooted in early 20th century modern design the graphic intensity of each piece is heightened with their fronts being printed in alternating bright colours.

We say never has a town looked so colourful, modern and stylish!