In Our Room – My Homes by Kukka!

Each week we showcase a design product we love, something that we think would fit perfectly within our dream IO Kids’ room – alongside our Bunk Pod and Doodle Box, of course!

Even in the excitement of Design Junction last month, we couldn’t help but be soothed by the tranquil lines of the My Homes hooks from Kukka. Since a big part of the IOK belief system is that design for the home should be as beautiful as it is useful, we were entranced by the simplicity of this set of three houses, crafted from maple wood and finished with linseed oil, which will darken with age. And we love how apt the restful, cosy appeal of the house motif is: since clutter spells disaster for domestic harmony, and hooks aid in dealing with clutter, isn’t it perfect that these hooks are formed in that particular shape?

There’s another, more personal reason that the Kukka hooks struck a chord with us: they remind Mina, IO Kids designer, of her grandmother’s house and other Eastern Europe houses of her childhood. Since it transpires thatKukka designer Rona Meyuchas is of Bulgarian/Romanian origin, it’s little wonder that she too was captivated by the soothing familiarity of these houses!

Whatever your cultural references though, we think these hooks are quaint and charming in their own right, as well as being, quite simply, essential to dealing with children’s  (and lets not forget grown ups too!) clothing clutter. So much more fun to hang bathrobes and cardigans on a wooden hook in the shape of a house than a coat hanger, no?

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