In Our Room – Mono!

Everyone knows that the bed is the focal point of a bedroom, but even the cosiest, most functional and beautiful of beds needs to be surrounded by similarly wonderful things. Each week we showcase a design product we love, something that we think would fit perfectly within our dream IO Kids’ room – alongside our IO Bunk Pod and IO Doodle Box, of course!

Intricate yet simple, soothing yet stimulating: we think these mobiles from Clara von Zweigbergk at Artecnicawould delight children and adults alike, a consideration that sits perfectly within the IOKids Design ethos. Mono, the fourth addition to the Themis Mobile is comprised of a 12-inch, 12-sided geometric shape (which is called a dodecahedron – who knew?!) it has different but perfectly harmonious colours adorning each of its surfaces; take your pick from cool pastels or acid brights. It’s made from wood-free paper and printed with high-quality spot-printed inks, and is easily assembled into its 3D form. Don’t be limited by the term mobile: these are equally captivating positioned on a surface!