In Our Room – Crochet!

Each fortnight we showcase a product we love, something that we think would fit perfectly within our dream IO Kids’ room – alongside our IO Bunk Pod and IO Doodle Box, of course!

Everyone knows that the bed is the focal point of a bedroom, but even the cosiest, most functional and beautiful of beds needs to be surrounded by similarly wonderful things. In the recent years Crochet has made a big comeback – from cupcakes and beautifully knitted hats for children all the way to lighting and furniture, you name it – somebody has knitted it!

Ever since I was a child I remember my grandmother knitting the most beautiful crochet patterns that would later on adorn her house as well as…well, all of us in the family. We had red crochet slippers in the winter, rose patterned cushions on our beds and the most colourful and soft blankets that she would knit for each of her grandchildren. So aside from the fact that a Bunk Pod needs similarly beautiful bedding in which to snuggle down and dream we also love the idea of having a cosy blanket under which to huddle and cuddle. Colourful and quirky – the crochet blanket is way up there on our lust list this week!

If you don’t already have one handed down from or made by your grandmother we hope that our selection will inspire you to want to make your own one!