Doodle Do!

Introducing the IO Doodle Box, designed with your child’s artistic streak and your domestic sanity in mind…

Like the IO Bunk Pod, the Doodle Box was inspired by our girls. Since art and design are two of our passions, it was probably inevitable and certainly welcomed that the girls’ interests would tend in similar directions. So far, so fantastic…until the reality of tiny sparkles, loose pens and scraps of paper all over the house hits.

Off course, we want to encourage our children’s passion for arts and crafts – who doesn’t. But we also wanted something it could all be stored in and that could easily be moved around the house so that they could work independently or under a watchful eye – inside or out.

The beauty of our Doodle Box, we believe, is that it combines total functionality with a very beautiful, welcoming and accessible piece of furniture which is as inviting as it is easy to use. A roll of paper can be held secure within it and pulled out and up over the side, so that the top of the box becomes a drawing board, plus there’s a removable storage tray for pens, glue, feathers, sequins, glitter and whatever other material their artistic little hearts desire – so the materials are to hand while they’re crafting, but can be stored back in the Doodle Box with a minimum of fuss once they move on to another activity. And off course, creative little fingers are well protected by a soft-closure feature.

The ethic behind all of our designs is that our products should look beautiful but also be space saving, long lasting and functional. So as well as being a movable art cube, the Doodle Box has a multitude of other uses for which it can be employed once the children grow out of it, including seating and storage. Currently available in two colour ways – white and yellow, both with grey interiors – the Doodle Box is made from Scandinavian birch plywood and will fit harmoniously with any decor.

Here at IO Kids Design we are certainly making sure that the Doodle Box is keeping our girls occupied whilst we prepare for the Design Junction later this month where we’ll be officially launching the IO Kids Design products – so much still to do! We’ll update you next time we post, but in the meantime you can find out more about Design Junction here