Our collaboration with the Danish brand Add a Room!

We are delighted to let you know about our latest, exciting collaboration! We have teamed up with one of our favourite Danish brand Add a Room www.addaroom.dk to exhibit in an exciting new design event 3 days of design www. 3daysofdesign.dk. in Copenhagen to illustrate the concept of smart, compact living.

For the event the Danish designer and architect Tine Mouritsen www.tinemouritsen.co.uk will be on board to transform Add a Room ONE+ module into a perfect example of Smart living featuring a selection of versatile and multifunctional products. Amongst the selection of product illustrating compact, flexible solutions, our products will appear next to those by Vasanthi, Trip, Trap, Bo Bonfils and Jane Reumert, Tine Mouritsen and Skagerak.

Add a Room modules have been designed by a well-known Danish architect Lars Frank Nielsen whose goal was to design a simple, almost minimalistic unit which can stand on its own but which can also be pieced together to create a larger configuration.

We are thrilled that our products were given a generous space within Add a Room ONE + module to illustrate a playful and functional children’s area.