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IO Bunk Pod

An all-in-one space saving place for children to sleep, store and study! Our versatile, high-end Bunk Pod has been tested by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) and complies with applicable British and European safety standards.

It has a minimum number of components and can be easily assembled and transformed to perform a selection of functions with minimum effort including two stand alone units, day bed and work station with storage. IO Bunk Pod has been designed with longevity in mind and due to its ability to 'grow with the child' children can use it from an early toddler age (lower bunk) through to their teen years and beyond.


Recommended mattress size: 90x190 (not included)

Recommended height of mattress: 10cm

Material: Laminated Scandinavian birch plywood

Dimensions: 94x230x155

Colours available: White, Yellow and Natual Plywood with water based white pigmented lacquer. 

Standard IO BUNK POD –   Including top and lower bunk and two standalone beds.

Advanced IO BUNK Pod –   Including top and lower bunk, two standalone beds, bunk and desk configuration, stand alone desk and day bed.

Standard IO Bunk Pod consists of 11 component parts making up the two beds that are secured together. The Advanced IO Bunk Pod provides greater functionality by transforming the lower bunk into a desk. The base of the lower bunk can be relocated in order for the Pod to function with a bed above a desk or a separate bed and desk as well as the bunk beds.

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